Water Ski Club

Shauri Tobias had a breakthrough last month in the slalom course going from a 75 feet rope length to 60 feet (15 feet off) and making all six balls.  She attributes her success to slowing down the boat speed to 28 mph and maintaining good body positioning. Congratulations Shauri!

There are a lot of great water skiing left this season. Come join the fun. For more information, contact Steve Bock at 268-2767.


83-Year-Old Still Water Skiing At A High Level On Northern California Lake ( Lake of the Pines)


3,086 views Jul 13, 2020

Judy Koenitzer started water skiing over 60 years ago. Today, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve at Lake of the Pines near Auburn, California. Dennis O’Donnell reports. (7-13-20)

THE LOP Trifecta!

What a GREAT day yesterday. This group of “young” men completed the Lake of the Pines tri-fecta! We started off snow skiing, (ten runs), then back home to LOP to golf 9 holes, and then finishing up with water-skiing the slalom course! Great fun, great people! – r

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