Here is a list of all the Sports activities of SAC…

Basketball, play at Hazel park and get your Mamba grove. For more info click here.

Bocce is very poplar at LOP. To sign up visit this page. Or if you want to learn how to play Christy Swider, Chairperson [email protected]

Fishing as a sport is the way to go at a LOP Fishing Derby. Click here for a list of the derbies.

Take part in the LOP FUN RUN, LAKE SWIM or TRIATHLON. For more info click here.

Do You Like Horseshoes? We are looking for anyone interested Horseshoe Tournaments, friendly games, etc. For more info click here.
Pass by the courts in Hazel Park any morning and you are likely to see Pickleball being played. Stop and watch a game or two, but beware. You might get hooked. For more info…

If you like to ski on snow or water skiing , Lake of the Pines has it.  Explore all the different Sports and Activities our Club has to offer.

Play at the LOP Sand Volleyball courts!!
Volleyball is fun and the courts at LOP are fun. Playing on a sand court is a lot better than hard courts.